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The GPS Xccelerator

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The STARS GPS Xccelerator will help you expand your connections within the Buy Here Pay Here market. While other GPS service providers give customers a snapshot of their inventory each day and typically charge for additional locates, our GPS software updates every 5 minutes. Imagine knowing exactly where your collateral is every 5 minutes. No additional fees. No additional steps required. It’s just included.

Automotive dealers and lenders can significantly reduce their risks associated with collections because they have more accurate information 24/7. And the best part is that no one comes close to our offer. STARS GPS is the only provider to include a guarantee recovery assurance warranty. 
BBB Vehicle Recovery Guarantee

In fact, our promise to is that if we’re unable to locate a vehicle, we’ll pay  the value of the vehicle up to $10,000*. We’ve now eliminated their risks and given them a tool to finance more consumers.

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