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STARS GPS Helps Law Enforcement Locate Two Missing Children

STARS GPS Helps Law Enforcement Locate Two Missing Children

The real-time GPS vehicle tracking company was instrumental in guiding officials across the country to bring two boys home safely

Thomasville, NC — March 29, 2016, police safely found two missing North Carolina children — all because of quick investigative work, collaboration and state-of-the-art STARS GPS vehicle tracking technology.

The boys, ages 2 and 5, had been taken by their mother who did not have legal custody and fled the state. Because her car had a STARS GPS tracking unit, police were able to locate her and the boys quickly and safely.

STARS GPS worked with the boys’ father and police to follow the mother’s trail from North Carolina to California. Using real-time tracking data, the team discovered the vehicle had a stop in Bakersfield, California.

With no time to lose, police contacted Sergeant Burdick from the Bakersfield’s Police Department to assist. Using the real-time GPS data, Sergeant Burdick and his team were able to locate the boys and their mother at the exact spot identified by the GPS tracker. They apprehended the mother and the boys returned to their father without incident.

This was the first time Sergeant Burdick had worked with a private GPS company to get data for an investigation. He said he was pleased by how well the process worked – and by how STARS GPS technology delivered pinpoint accuracy to help them find the boys so quickly.

“STARS GPS helped us locate and protect innocent victims,” said Sergeant Burdick. “I think there’s real value to having GPS tracking on vehicles. And in this case, the technology not only reduced the time and manpower for law enforcement to locate them, but more importantly, it created a happily ever-after ending for a worried father thousands of miles away.”

STARS GPS Founder and President, Allen Douglas was also pleased his technology helped the officers solve the case and bring home the children safely.

“It’s rewarding to know we were able to help law enforcement find the missing children,” he said. “We pride ourselves on having the best GPS vehicle tracking solution in the industry – and it’s gratifying when our technology can serve a dual purpose and help protect the people in those vehicles too.”

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