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8 Reasons to Switch - STARS GPS

Did You Hear?

Delinquencies are on the rise.

  • USA Today: 90 days late on payments hit the highest level since 2010
  • Wall Street Journal: Seriously Delinquent Auto Loan Surge
  • Bloomberg: U.S. Subprime Auto Loan Losses Reach Highest Level Since the Financial Crisis
  • The Economic Times: US subprime auto loan losses reach highest level since the 2008 crisis

Banks are tightening the reigns on financing high risk consumers. But this news can be good news for you if you protect your assets! And STARS GPS is in the business of removing the risks so you can do just that!

  • Real-time, all-the-time GPS tracking
  • Access to all your trackers from one account
  • Innovative new Repo command tool
  • Auto geofence commands for impound lots
  • Instant locates with 5-minutes breadcrumbs – on moving vehicles
  • Vehicle recovery warranty
  • Continuing to innovate for the BHPH Industry for over 10 years and counting

It’s tax buying season! Indulge $10 off what you pay those other guys — because we have your back like no other!

Call us today at 1-844-807-9590 and capitalize on the market without the risks!


*Special offer is valid for new customers only. Valid thru end of April 2017. Customers must show us a contract or recent invoice with pricing and service terms to qualify.