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More than a GPS monitoring system

We Do More Than Just Monitor Your Assets - STARS GPS

More than just a monitor, we find
your vehicles or pay for the loss!

Our vehicle recovery warranty makes sure you’re protected all the way and it’s insured by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. The warranty covers the value of the vehicle you were not able to locate during a recovery up to $10,000*. It also gives you 60 days of theft protection for the vehicles on your lot. Now is the perfect time to switch STARS GPS!”

Here’s a snapshot of our technology infrastructure:

      • Powerful GPS tracker – the same device that Progressive uses manufactured by Xirgo Technologies
      • Reliable service nationwide powered by Verizon
      • Flexible map views powered by Google
      • Instant locates with 5-minute breadcrumbs – on moving vehicles
      • Secure and compliant platform – STARS GPS is hosted on a private cloud at Amazon Web Services

Here’s a view of some of our smart technology features:

      • All access entry
      • Smart impound management tool – automatically locates and creates boundaries around impound lots nearby
      • Simple e-transfer of devices
      • Mobile repo tool
      • Dashboard with device health, recovery status, battery health and more
      • Vehicle recovery warranty


*Call us for our terms and conditions.