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E-Z Auto - STARS GPS Customer

E-Z Auto Case Study

Chris Martin, President
EZ Auto
Fayetteville, NC
STARS GPS Customer for nearly 10 Years

The Problem

E-Z Auto was searching for a solution that would help them continue to deliver on their mission – confidently. They needed something that would:

  • Protect the dealership from the risks involved with funding loans for credit challenged people,
  • Increase efficiencies in their business and
  • Ultimately, benefit his car-buying customers

The Solution

The solution was STARS GPS. STARS GPS had the technology, tools and service level engagement that Team E-Z Auto needed to automate business processes and gain more visibility into their collateral. This allowed E-Z Auto to make smarter lending decisions and to put even more people into more cars that may not have otherwise qualified. The system’s payment reminder feature also helped their customers stay on track with their car payments. Holding true to their mission, Team E-Z Auto has always been vigilant about reporting on-time payments back to credit bureaus to help their customer’s restore their credit.

E-Z Auto’s partnership with STARS GPS is approaching 10 years now. “I know I can count on the STARS team and the solution,” says Chris Martin. “The support and reliability of their system has helped us open a second location in Southern Pines, NC.”

Here’s a snapshot of our technology infrastructure:

      • Powerful GPS tracker – the same device that Progressive uses manufactured by Xirgo Technologies
      • Reliable service nationwide powered by Verizon
      • Flexible map views powered by Google
      • Instant locates with 5-minute breadcrumbs – on moving vehicles
      • Secure and compliant platform – STARS GPS is hosted on a private cloud at Amazon Web Services

Here’s a view of some of our smart technology features:

      • All access entry
      • Smart impound management tool – automatically locates and creates boundaries around impound lots nearby
      • Simple e-transfer of devices
      • Mobile repo tool
      • Dashboard with device health, recovery status, battery health and more
      • Vehicle recovery warranty