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Maximize Profits. Minimize Risks – Guaranteed Recovery!

The STARS GPS vehicle tracking application is built using an intricate, high tech infrastructure designed to deliver real-time information in a secure manner. In the background, our system is continuously collecting data so we can give you the most accurate locate information instantly – for no additional charge.

Others may use scare tactics around data security and privacy laws, but rest assure, we take compliance seriously. We are proactive with NIADA to educate state legislation on the value that GPS brings to credit challenged consumers as well as actively updating our customers on best practices so they stay compliant. We can assure you that our robust STARS GPS system uses the latest GPS technology and that it is designed with the latest privacy and security protocols to ensure you’re in compliance when you partner with STARS GPS.

You can monitor and secure your collateral without having an engineering degree with STARS GPS. Here are a few examples of what you can do with our GPS tracking software:

Advanced GPS Technology

Advanced GPS Technology - STARS GPS

Smart GPS Technology Views - STARS GPS

STARS GPS software is smart GPS technology:

  • 5-minute locates of moving vehicles
  • Top stops tallies
  • Smart impound lot tool auto creates geofences for you
  • All access management tool – ask us about this!
  • Device health at a glance
  • Flexible views by map, terrain or satellite – powered by Google Maps

Quick, powerful, secure and reliable, STARS GPS keeps you connected to all your assets within 1-to-2 clicks.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

5 minute updates - STARS GPS

Instantly locate your assets using any mobile device:

  • Breadcrumbs of the last (5) 5-minute locates of moving vehicles
  • Instant locates included – no additional charges
  • Mobile repo tool for fast action – ask us about this!
  • Continuous data collection even when there’s no connectivity – reports info upon next connection

Stop searching for your collateral, STARS GPS instantly locates your vehicles – and we don’t charge you any additional fees – plus, we provide you with a quick click tool to send to your Repo agent.

Inventory & Lot Management:

Dealer Inventory Management - STARS GPS

Managing your inventory is simple with real-time GPS visibility:

  • View your entire inventory of cars at a glance
  • Identify which vehicles have low batteries
  • Know the status of your repossessions instantly
  • Get notified when a vehicle enters an impound lot in real-time
  • See trends emerge to arm yourself before a borrower defaults

Stay on top of your profit center with STARS Smart GPS Management System!

Device e-Transfers:

GPS Device Transfer - STARS GPS

When you’re ready to replenish your inventory, it’s simple to transfer device ownership:

  • Got an email address?
  • Copy & paste into the transfer form
  • Click transfer – it’s that easy!

Transferring device ownership is simply mindless with STARS GPS!

Batch Commands:

Batch Commands - STARS GPS

Save time by batching your commands!

  • Group like vehicles
  • Send payment reminders to help customers stay on track with their car payments
  • Use batch commands to when necessary for starter/disable

Batch commands helps you manage your monthly delinquencies more efficiently.


GPS Software Reports - STARS GPS

Download the reports that are important to you.

  • Just login into STARS GPS
  • Click on Reports
  • STARS GPS includes standard reports such as a vehicle report and non-reporting vehicles
  • You can download reports as a PDF, XLS, XLSX or as a CVS

Security and Privacy:

Unlike public cloud environments that battle for priority, STARS GPS virtual privateSecure GPS Platform - STARS GPS
cloud supports only our customers and applications with no interference
from other users. This dedicated, highly secure environment ensures higher
availability and faster delivery of service.

The STARS GPS infrastructure also comes with numerous levels of redundancy, including multiple zones and regions. Our next generation platform is designed to eliminate any single point of failure so you stay connected to your collateral even in the case of a natural disaster.

When you partner with STARS GPS, you can be assured that your data is secure and protected.




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