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Our mission is to provide you with the most reliable GPS tracking tool that virtually eliminates your risks so you can sell more cars without the worry. That’s why we partner with Verizon. Our GPS devices are certified and approved by Verizon. Our GPS vehicle-tracking solution is powered by the Verizon network to give you the most extensive coverage in the country.


Here’s How It Works

How STARS GPS Technology Works


Reliable Service Plus Recovery Assurance Warranty

BBB Vehicle Recovery Guarantee


In fact, we are so confident the STARS GPS vehicle tracking system will help protect your assets that we are also providing our recovery assurance warranty with every STARS GPS unit you install. It’s called our Big Bucks Back Recovery Assurance Warranty. With this warranty, we promise to pay you the value of the vehicle if we are unable to recover it – up to $10,000*!*

* Contact us for details at 1-877-828-4770.