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Lot Management Tool for
Auto Rental Companies

Auto rental companies are seeing real benefits to adding GPS technology and trackers to their fleet of vehicles. From securing their fleet to knowing where vehicles are on the fly, the real-time insights that GPS technology provides is impacting overall performance.

At STARS GPS, we can help you reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction and drive more profits to your bottom line. Our GPS tracking system provides rental fleets with a mobile lot management tool that helps you:

  • Manage your inventory – including multiple drop off areas
  • Locate your vehicles on the fly
  • Turn off cars – if your customer is delinquent in returning the car or if a credit card is declined when a customer is requesting a rental extensions offsite
  • Expand your customer base to include cash paying customers – risk free
  • Instantly locate vehicles needing roadside assistance
  • Identify customers who receive speed violations
  • Recover stolen vehicles

Unlike most of our competitors who report locations once a day, STARS GPS reports information every 5 minutes. That means we are providing location data 144 times per day. STARS GPS gives you the most accurate information instantly and we are the only GPS service provider that provides a recovery assurance warranty with every STARS GPS device you install!

Big Bucks Back Recovery Assurance Warranty

BBB Vehicle Recovery Guarantee


Best of all, STARS GPS is the only GPS service provider who includes a recovery warranty! The way it works is if we are unable to find your vehicle, we will pay you the value of it up to $10,000*.

Contact us to request a demo and find out more about our Recovery Assurance Warranty.

*Restrictions apply. Contact us for details.