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Installing Stars GPS device - STARS GPS

STARS GPS Device – Small But Packs a Mean Punch

The STARS GPS tracking device is a small, durable unit designed by Xirgo Technologies that can withstand extreme harsh environmental conditions. Because of its size, the GPS device is easy to conceal for covert installs to help reduce those cases of unauthorized removals.

STARS GPS HardwareAnd the installation is easier then ever. Our team of certified professionals can install the GPS hardware for you, help train your team or you can use our instruction materials and do it yourself. You let us know what works best for your business.

And of course, you’ll always get the best performance from STARS GPS. Verizon’s CDMA technology powers our GPS hardware and tracking platform. That means with STARS GPS you’ll not only get the most extensive coverage in the country, but you’ll also get the most reliable performance and service.




The STARS GPS tracking device is designed to continuously collect data. If the vehicles enters into an area that has poor to zero cellular coverage such as a mountainous region, the device will continue to gather insights. Once the vehicle enters into an area with coverage, the locate data will update.