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Build More Equity in Your Dealership With GPS Tracking.

With over half of U.S. consumers today falling into the subprime category, it’s no wonder more and more franchise dealers are adding BHPH financing to their operations. Not only has this proven to be a nice profit center for the dealers themselves, it’s also helped more consumers purchase a vehicle that they wouldn’t have qualified for otherwise.

GPS tracking for Franchise Dealers

Now you can confidently sell more cars to more subprime consumers without the worry.

At STARS GPS, we partner with you to provide a real-time GPS collateral management tool that allows you to streamline your operations, protect your investment and expand your customer base. Our GPS tracking system provides you with a way to:

  • Manage your inventory across all your locations
  • Safeguard your collateral on your lots
  • Recover your assets – backed with a guaranteed recovery warranty
  • Help repair your customer’s credit – giving you a future new car buyer

Our GPS system is easy to use and works on any mobile device. Find out how STARS GPS can help you expand your customer base and add more profit to your bottom line.



Did you know that outstanding car loan balances totaled $987 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015 and of this $347 billion+ was subprime and deep subprime loans according to the State of the Automotive Finance Market produced by Experian Automotive?

STARS GPS is helping franchise dealers put more credit challenged consumers into vehicles by eliminating most of the risks. Ask us about our Vehicle Recovery Warranty!