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Expanding GPS Services Nationwide

On any given day, STARS GPS is helping automotive lenders put more credit challenge consumers into more cars, recover vehicles in default and assisting police return children safely to their dad. And in all cases, it’s rewarding to be part of an industry that can support so many causes.

You know, STARS GPS has been around for over 10 years now because of customers like you. In fact, we have had such great success in the southeast, that we are now rolling out our services nationwide. And it’s been long overdue, let me tell you. Last year, we challenged our team to innovate on the STARS GPS platform based on some of the feedback you provided to us. And let me tell you, they developed the beginning of something extraordinary!

GPS service availability - STARS GPSThe next generation of STARS GPS is ultra intelligent, all-out powerful and easier than ever to use. And it’s certified and powered by Verizon. So the service and reliability that you have come to know and count on from us – just got better.

The fact that we provide 5-minute updates alone will really help BHPH dealers reduce their collection costs. I mean, think about it, we are giving you 287 more real-time updates everyday versus other GPS providers. From a collections perspective, that means you can:

  • Give Current Information to Recovery Agents – 24/7
  • Reduce the Time & Money Spent Searching for Vehicles
  • Decrease Reconditioning Labor Time & Costs

And we include these updates in your service. Others typically include one snapshot in a 24 hour period and then, charge you for any additional locates. With us it’s just included.

The software is so easy use and provides you with almost everything you need to monitor and manage your collateral within 2 clicks. And I have to tell you, the features we are rolling out over the next couple of months are amazing! I’m thrilled to be expanding with our next generation solution powered by Verizon and look forward to showing how STARS GPS can help you fund more deals with confidence.

If you haven’t seen our software in action yet, make sure you give us a call or visit us at NABD or NIADA coming up shortly.


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