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STARS GPS Expands - by Brendan Schwarz


STARS Expands Nationwide – New West Coast Offices

We’re excited to now offer our advanced GPS tracking solutions to Buy Here Pay Here Automotive Dealers and Vehicle Finance Companies coast-to-coast! As a new investor, owner and passionate advocate of STARS GPS, I’m thrilled to be able to offer automotive finance customers a risk mitigation system from a company who is full of progressive thinkers and innovators like me. We understand the risks you take when you help consumers with less than perfect credit get back on their feet with a purchase of a new car. That’s why we focus all of our time and resources on creating the right risk mitigation tools, programs and services for you and the subprime automotive market. You won’t see STARS GPS working with new car automotive dealerships or fleets. Our expertise and passion is in the used car market developing tools for vehicle financers to help them protect their investments and increase their profitability.

We’ve accomplished so much in the past 4 months alone thanks to customers sharing some of the issues they are faced with on a day-to-day basis. And it’s these interactions that have contributed to our growth and success. Let me share some of our amazing milestones:

  • At NABD, we rolled out our new advanced GPS tracking software that is so simple to use that you virtually have everything you need at a glance or within one or two clicks.
  • Then a couple weeks later, we introduced the industry’s first vehicle recovery warranty at NIADA. We are able to provide this warranty because our product is just that good!
  • Now here we are opening a new office in California so that we can deliver that same face-to-face, personalized service to customers across the United States and Canada.

And that’s just the beginning. Our team is working closely with you to change the way business is done. Like developing new smart tools and features that do more of the work for you so you can focus on getting more credit challenged customers into more of your cars worry-free. Let me give you one example of this. We have a new smart impound tool that automatically creates geofences around impound lots that are within 50 miles of your dealership. You just review the locations and accept them or you can add and/or delete locations with one simple email. There is so much more just like this example that we’ve already released!

Right now we also have a special offer so you can try us out at great price! Just give me a call & I can show you our software, share more on some of the new smart automation tools we’ve added and give you a special price to try us out today.

Brendan Schwarz - STARS GPS
Brendan Schwarz

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