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STARS GPS - 5 Minute Updates & Recovery Guarantee

Risk Mitigation Plus Recovery Assurance Warranty!

While other GPS service providers give you a snapshot of your inventory every 24 hours, STARS GPS updates you every 5 minutes. That means you get 287 more real-time locates per day than the other guys. No additional fees. No additional steps required. It’s just included. And when those other guys try to tell you there’s a privacy risks here, well, they’re not correct. Our information, our system and our policies are all safe and secure. You see, we are continuously collecting data but we only display the past 30 minutes while the vehicle is moving. This allows us to show you more accurate information on the fly, without charging you extra all while maintaining privacy rules.

BBB Vehicle Recovery GuaranteeSTARS GPS significantly reduce your risks associated with collections because you get more accurate information to provide to your collections agents 24/7. And the best part is that no one comes close to our offer. STARS GPS is the only provider to include a guarantee recovery assurance warranty.

In fact if we’re unable to locate one of your vehicles, we’ll pay the value of that vehicle up to $10,000*. That’s our Big Bucks Back Recovery Assurance Promise!

Sell More Cars Minus the Risks!

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