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Bee Ready for Tax Season

Bee Monitoring - Tax Season - Landing

Demand More from Your Service Provider – Bee Protected!

STARS GPS started off as a Reseller and has been around for over 10 years. We’re becoming one of the most a powerful GPS service provider in the country. From the infusion of great new entrepreneurial spirits to taking the technology to the next level, STARS GPS is ready to change how business is done.

Bee Prepared for Tax Season:

  • Introducing the Dashboard – smarter, faster, stronger than before!
  • Most reliable service nationwide
  • Auto geofence features
  • Instant locates with 5-minutes breadcrumbs – on moving vehicles
  • Vehicle Recovery Warranty
  • Secure and compliant platform – STARS GPS is hosted on a private cloud at Amazon Web Services

Inventory & Service – OnDemand

  • Same day shipping
  • Fired-up team ready to service you