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Helping Lenders Finance More
Subprime Deals, Worry-Free.

Whether you’re a financial institution, credit union or bank providing automotive loans to consumers who are credit challenged, STARS GPS can help you:

Finance more loans with GPS.

Expand your portfolio with the protection of STARS GPS.

  • Fund more auto loans
  • Minimize payment defaults
  • Decrease loan delinquencies
  • Secure collateral
  • Automate back office processes

In fact, our GPS telematics solution is built with the latest GPS technology and it uses CDMA powered by Verizon. This means you’ll always be able to instantly locate your collateral. And STARS GPS is the only GPS service provider that guarantees recovery or we’ll pay you the value of the vehicle.

We also have a team of certified installers who can take care of the upfront work for you. Learn how STARS GPS can help you mitigate risks and broaden your loan portfolio.



Buyers are getting bigger loans. The average loan amount for a used vehicle went up by $411 to $17,050 Q4 2015 according to Experian Automotive. And although trends are showing that the number of 30-day delinquencies dropped by nearly 8%, you still need to make sure you are covered.

STARS GPS is helping finance companies just like you fund more loans confidentially with our new Vehicle Recovery Warranty! We’re the only GPS service provider guaranteeing our service.